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Wearing the same color nail polish everyday can get old. Today we are going to explain to you how to get a more exclusive manicure.

We have shown you before some cool techniques for decorating your nails. The only bad part about some of these techniques is that they take time to achieve.

For those of us whoa re bit les patient, we have another tip for you to get great nails today. You need three things" a toothpick and two polishes of contrasting colors.

So, first thing to do is paint all your nails the same color (red, black, pink, whatever). Let them dry. Then in a dish put a little more polish of a different color. There needs to be contrast, so you could use black as the base color and white as the additional color.

Now. just dip the toothpick in the top color pain and paint designs like circles, or squares or anything easy. You'll see how cool it looks in no time.

You could also use tape to make lines and stripes over your nails, You simply lay down the tape and then add the polish colors, then remove the tape as you go.

Check out these photos to get some more ideas.

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