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Zendaya gave a new interview where she talked about the best things about being on Shake It Up! Here's what she revealed.

What are the best things about Shake It Up?

“We are getting into real issues. Real issues that teenage girls and families and people all over the world have to deal with. And it’s really nice to see that Rocky and CeCe are not perfect, they have problems. They go through the same things that everyone else goes through”

What do her fans do when they meet her?

“I actually have a lot of fun fan encounters. There’s been times when I’ve been at amusements parks and kids cry. It’s amazing. I think everywhere I go that every encounter with a fan is special. Every single fan is special. I always try my best to see as many as possible even when I’m trying to rush or go somewhere I try to stop and make sure I do that as that is why I am doing this. They are why I have my job and while I’m able to do it.”

What does she think of the fashion on Shake It Up?

“I loved it. I’m a tomboy honestly and I hate wearing dresses and dressing up. I’m like ugh I’d rather stay home and be in sweatpants all day, but when it comes down to girly stuff I can get really girly. And I love girly stuff, so it’s kind of weird. I have my girly moments and I have my tomboy moments.”

Source: AssignmentX

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