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When it all began you thought your current boyfriend was the only boy for you, but now your 'friend' has turned into something more! You have a crush, and it is not on your boyfriend!

The first thing to think about is that this situation is really normal. It happens all the time, to adults and teens alike. When you are a teen you end up meeting all kinds of people and lots of boys. Boys who end up being friends, classmates, more....And sometimes these connections turn into something more, even if you also happen to already have a guy. 

Ask yourself if the guy you like also has feelings for you or if it is a one way street. If you think he does and you are thinking of breaking up with your guy to be with him, talk to the other boy first before making a move and find out what he thinks about you. Do not try to begin a relationship with the other guy before ending things with your current boyfriend. That is called cheating and you would not like it if he did it to you. 

You also need to take a good look at the feelings you have for the new guy. Are you really in love? Or is this just another crush that you will get over in a couple days? Be sure.

Whatever happens, make sure to stay true to your heart and true to your word. Don't cheat and be up-front with both guys. 

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