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Lots of people these days are vegetarian, so you might be thinking about making the switch. Maybe it’s for animal rights reasons, maybe it’s to be healthier, or maybe you just want to try it out.

But it’s actually a pretty big decision to make. Here are some steps to make sure it goes well.

  • Be sure you really want to go veggie. Maybe make a pros and cons list to help you out. Remember, it’s what goes into your body so it’s your choice.
  • Research! Ask friends who are vegetarian for tips, read up about it online, and find some recipes for vegetarian dishes.
  • Talk to your parents. They might feel weird about it, so make sure to ask when they’re in a good mood. Figure out how you want to talk about it before you take the plunge.  Present all your research so they know you really thought about it.
  • Try it out! Ask your parents to help add vegetarian dishes into meals. It could be stuff like substituting veggie burgers for meat ones, or eating spinach lasagna instead of beef lasagna. Stick to it and see how it goes.

There are lots of different ways not to eat meat. Most vegetarians just skip meat. You could also be a pescatarian – that’s someone who still eats fish but not meat. Some people are vegan, which means they don’t eat animal products at all (like eggs, milk, or even honey!).  Figure out which one works best for you.

Wamberas, are any of you vegetarians? Why did you decide to go veggie?

Source: Girls’ Life

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