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It really, really sucks when your crush doesn’t like you back. But while sometimes it's totally obvious, other people can be really confusing. So here are major signs that your crush just doesn't like you like that.

He doesn't text or call you first.

If you're always the one starting conversations, chances are he's sending you a signal. Of course you can get in touch with your crush, but if you're the only one starting convos, watch out.

He doesn't ask about you or listen to you.

If you just get short answers when you send a long message....that's a hint he's probably not interested back. If he likes you, he'll want to get to know you.

He regularly ditches you when you make plans.

If he has to cancel without a reason, chances are he doesn't really want to hang out. If he does it multiple times, he's just telling you indirectly that he doesn't like you that much. If he DOES like you, he'll try to see you another day if he has to cancel.

He's full of excuses.

If he's always got an excuse for why he can't hang out or something, it's likely that it's just a way to tell you “no” without actually turning you down.

He treats you differently when you're alone and when you're in public.

If he's super affectionate when it's just the two of you but doesn't want to be anywhere near you at school, something is up – he probably doesn't want people knowing about your relationship. Be careful.

He likes to flirt with other girls while you're around.

This is a big signal that he's not interested in flirting with you. He might also talk to you about girls he finds hot, which probably means he sees you as just a friend.

Your friends aren't thrilled about him.

If your friends act weird if you bring up your crush, there's a reason for it. Ask them to get another perspective on this guy, because you might be blinded by your crush.

Wambie girls, have you ever had a crush who didn't like you back? How did you deal with it?

Source: Gurl

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