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It's hard to go a whole month with the money our parents give us Perplexed. Clothes, shops, and other things we need...So many things and so little money! The secret is to learn to live with what you've got.

Has this happened to you? As soon as you get some money for the month it's gone. If this is a problem for you, make a list of all the things you spend money on each month.

Learn to be creative with your money!

  • For example, instead of going to the movies rent a video and invite your friends over to your house to watch it. You can have a great time laughing and talking while spending very little money.
  • It's your friend's birthday? Instead of buying an expensive card, you can make her one. Simply get some nice paper and glue a photo of you and her on the front and there you have it: a special, creative card with a personal touch!
  • When you do get some money, save it in the bank. Doing this for a few months will let you get something you've always really wanted.
  • Remember that T-shirt you got and never used? Think twice before you buy and make sure you really like what you're getting.
  • Ask your parents if you can collect the small change found around the house. Put this change in a piggy-bank and one day it will add up to something.

Remember Wambie Girls: Buy responsibly!

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