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Wambie girl Isadora sent us this super cute manicure inspired by the Little Mermaid.

And guess what? She did it herself! It's her own design. Isadora has her own YouTube channel where she features fun beauty things, like manicures.

You need: nail polish in blue, coral, and bright pink, plus a clear top/base coat. Also, print out some small pictures from the Little Mermaid (regular paper is fine).

Here are the steps for her Little Mermaid manicure:

Add a base coat to your nails.

Paint all your nails dark blue. Use two coats.

Get a coral polish, and tip some out onto a small surface (like a lid or a plate).

Use a toothpick or dotting tool to make coral shapes.

Put some bright pink polish on the same surface.

Start making sea stars. Go slowly so you get the shape right.

Get your Little Mermaid pics. Cut out the characters so they fit on your nails.

Add a clear coat to your nails, then use tweezers to put the characters on. Press them down, then add 3-4 coats of a clear polish.

OPTIONAL: You can do some of your nails with bright blue glitter to add a fun touch to your manicure. She used it for her non-dominant hand (those are always so hard to do designs on!).

HappyThanks to Wambie girl Isadora for a fun manicure!

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