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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest young actresses right now, but she made it clear that she's still got her feet firmly on the ground.

"I'm still in touch with reality and I see this business for what it is, which is a playground. I'm playing. I work at imagining things. None of this is real. None of this actually matters. I don't have a sense of superiority.”

She continued explaining why she's not really interested in the glamorous side of being an actress:

“I feel lucky but I don't feel special. I don't think there's ever a moment where I feel like I deserve it,.The celebrity and fame thing and the acting part of it are two separate things. The celebrity part of it is so predictable. I'm not wowed by it."

Luckily, Jennifer doesn't get bothered by the paparazzi too much .What's her secret? Just being a normal girl:

"I never leave at night. I never go out. I'm a 9-5 job for the paparazzi. The only pictures they get of me is pumping my gas and walking to breakfast.”

Jennifer sounds so down-to-earth about everything. Let's hope she stays this way! Smile

Source: USA Today

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