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You might want to start shaving your legs because other girls in your class do, but it can be awkward to ask your parents about it! Here are some tips to help you do it.

Before we start, this was Wambera Julia’s idea – thanks!

  • Make sure you ask your parents (or whoever you need to ask permission from) nicely, and explain why you want to start shaving.
  • Here’s an example way to ask from Being Girl: “Mom, I am beginning to get more hair on my legs. I am nervous about shaving. I don't think I need to shave yet, but want your help in deciding when I should start shaving. The girls at school are making me feel like I should be shaving now. Can you help me?”
  • Listen to whatever they say, and don’t beg or whine.
  • If they don’t agree right away, you can compromise. Maybe you could use a hair removal cream instead so you won’t cut yourself, for example.
  • Don’t force them to decide now if your parents seem unsure, but see if you agree on a time when you get your decision. Accept their decision when you get it.
  • And even if they say you can’t shave now, try again in a few weeks. Make sure your parents know why it’s important to you, and be patient.
  • Having this convo may seem embarrassing, but almost everyone goes through it (probably even your mom!).

Julia’s advice is this: “Just be open with mom or dad. Tell them why, for example: " Mom, is it okay to try shaving legs/underarms? I feel like a jungle :)"

She also recommends Gabby’s videos for Venus on YouTube. Here’s a video below where Gabby tells you how ask your mom’s permission to shave. It’s a little cheesy, but it’s a great guide on how to do it!

Sources: Being Girl, Girls' Life, Venus

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