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Emma always manages to look fresh-faced, without using too much makeup. Her skin always glows too. So how does she do it?

It's easy - she just keeps her skin clean all the time. She follows a cleansing routine every night to get rid of all the makeup and dirt that builds up on your skin over the day. She never forgets to wash her face, but if she's feeling lazy one night, she has a trick:

"I keep an emergency pack of makeup-remover wipes by my bed for when I’m too tired and really don’t want to go through the whole process."

Emma also knows how to do her makeup, but she uses a 'less is more' idea:

"I have quite a small face, so if I start putting on a lot of makeup it’s really noticeable. I’ve had people try to do big, dark smoky eyes on me and it just looks like I’ve been punched in the eye. So I stopped doing that."

Like everyone else, Emma has days where she just feels down. How does she get over them?

"I cope by putting them into perspective. If I’m having a bad day I just remind myself to be thankful that my body works and that I’m healthy, and I try to focus on the things that are going right about my day."

And what about her hair? Does she like it? Even though it seems like a lie, nope! She's got problems styling her hair, like lots of us. So she usually just sweeps it up into a ponytail.

Emma added two basic beauty products that she always uses - eyelash curlers and Lancome's Rose Macaron tinted lip balm.

Source: OceanUp

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