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 As you know Wambie girls, Demi has had to check into the hospital because of problems on tour. 

While Demi is seeking treatment for "emotional and physical issues," the Today show explored her history -- which includes reports of cutting -- and spoke with psychiatrist Gail Saltz about how Demi could have wound up in this position, and where she can go from here.

That's right Wambie girls, it looks like Demi ha a history of self harm and even eating disorders. These are very serious issues and it is a good thing that she is seeking help.

Some people say that Demi had a panic attack due to her break-up with Joe. It is bad enough that they broke up and that she had to tour with him. But on top of all that, Joe also brought his new girlfriend, Ashley, with him everywhere he went. It is insensitive at best. 

No wonder Demi's is freaking out. Who wouldn't be if under the sort of professional and emotional pressure that she is. 

Is it true that this is partially Joe's fault? What do you think Wambie girls?

Whatever the reason for her illness, we send her our support from here!

You can see the video interview here.

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