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It's their tattoos!

Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn’s mums have let them know that they aren't too happy about the idea of their tattoos. Niall got lucky this time – he doesn't have tattoos!

Liam explained just how his mum reacted to his tattoo: “My mum went crazy about the whole tattoo idea.”

Zayn’s mum didn't react positively either: “Our mums have been like, 'Maybe you're getting a bit too much.'”

Harry's mum is also worried about the huge number of tattoos her son has. You can read more about it HERE – she thinks he's getting addicted!

As long as the guys get them done in safe, professional places, there's not much to worry about...except maybe some post-tattoo regret in the future.

And their mums have plenty to be proud of. Liam admitted “My mum just cries the whole time [because she's so proud]. My mum literally has not stopped crying for the past two and a half years.”

Zayn added that his family is really supportive: “It's really nice just to like look out [at a concert] and see your family, however embarrassing they're being. Even if they're on the chair dancing, like, it's just cool."

In related news, here's the photo the guys did for the Comic Relief campaign. It's to raise money for charities. They also recorded a single for it, a cover of Blondie's “One Way or Another.” The TV marathon will be on on March 15th ,and the lads will perform alongside stars such as Jessie J.

Wambie girls, do you think One Direction should cool it with the tattoos?

Sources: Celebuzz y JJJ

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