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As soon as she got back from Utah where she had just finished filming HSM3, Vanessa took off to NYC to promote her new CD.  Vanessa is more beautiful and elegant everyday. She looks happy which is surly because Zac treats her like a princess.  

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a singer and actress from the USA. She got into show biz when she was just 8, but became famous in the Disney Channel movie, High School Musical as Gabriella Montez.

Since HSM Vanessa has been in many more movies including: Sucker Punch (fantasy), Beastly (romantic), Gimme Shelter (drama)?

Vanessa also launched a singing career thanks to HSM, but has only come out with 2 albums: V (2006) and Identified (2088).

Interesting facts: Vanessa Hudgens? dad is North American and her mom is from the Philippines. She dated HSM co-star Zac Efron for 6 years, and broke it off in 2010. At the moment she is single.


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